Let us take care of getting your bond back, while you settle in to your new home.


Want to know our secret for tackling heavy duty bond cleans, with no harsh chemicals?

As professional cleaners, we have tried and tested countless products to help us power through the intense bond cleaning we do on a daily basis.

The SKOOSH range of products have proven to be tough enough for even the dirtiest jobs, whilst having no harsh chemicals and 100% eco-friendly! Winning!

Take a look at our video showing how the SKOOSH multi-purpose spray cuts through thick shower scum in just minutes.

Cut your cleaning time in half with amazing non-toxic skoosh products

Use the products the professionals choose – super concentrated, highly effective, environmentally friendly and deliver great value for money!

The Gold Coast's bond cleaner of choice, since 1992!




We made it onto the Daily Mail! 📰 Our email notifications have been going nuts since Saturday morning and now this. Read below to see the products we swear by for bond cleans 🤯 📦 🧼 

Shop at: www.cleanlikeapro.com.au

Article link ➡️ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10584295/Experts-shared-easily-rid-soap-scum-leave-shower-sparkling-one-product.html?ito=native_share_article-top
This is why we do what we do. ❤️
Our brand new website is now live!!! Yay 🎉

Check it out and keep us in mind if you ever need any of our services or the amazing cleaning products we use and sell. You can also subscribe to get our FREE printable move-out guides and checklists. 💁🏼‍♀️

https://mates-rates.com.au/ 👇

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When the rain comes, so do the spiders. Warm weather and rainy days encourage spiders to come out of their hideaways. 

Here’s a guide to identify any spiders you see around your home. 

Best way to reduce these unwanted guests is to ensure your house is fully pest treated a minimum of once every 12 months, even every 6 months if your in or near bushland. 🕷🕸 🌧 

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December and January are our busiest months of the year! To avoid missing out on the date you need for a bond clean we highly recommend locking it in sooner rather than later.
Have a great week ahead from Jack, Kate & the team 😀

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Thank you to another one of our valued clients for this wonderful review. ❤️ 

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Thank you Brian for your review. We hope you have settled nicely into your new home. 🏡 

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After Mates Rates bond cleaning 
Before Mates Rates bond cleaning. 
You’re very welcome Lara! Appreciate the review 
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Very happy clients at this bond clean today. We saved their carpet 🙌🏻
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Before ripping your carpets up, make sure you get Mates Rates in to see if we can salvage them for a bit longer. You’d be amazed what a good steam clean can do. 
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Thank you for the review Craig! 👍
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#bondcleaning before Mates Rates
Thank you Shaye! 😀
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